Some Background

This is a log of my experiences and miscellaneous daily life memories that I wish to share with the world to spread cheer and inform those who are curious about the life of a lazy, lethargic potato.

I am a pre-medicine college graduate with dual degrees in biology and public health.

Before graduation, I assumed that I would go directly to medical school and be on my way to becoming the doctor that I always dreamed of becoming.

Never would I imagined that a pandemic would come and hit society so hard, which eventually made me decide to delay my education and get more clinical experience/relevant work instead.

Over time, it became harder and harder to return to education; hence, the origin of the name: the Lazy Potato.


Never have I considered myself to have a talent for writing, nor have I had the notion that I would create a website someday. Yet here I am.

I thought of keeping an online journal formatted as a blog where I can record precious memories, and perhaps get opinions from viewers that find these stories relevant and/or comforting.

I hope to give myself, and others motivation to move forward, as society returns to normalcy.